Catfish Haven Lake Bar & Grill
7208 Whipple Rd Louisville, KY 40272



Have you been looking for a new favorite dish to try on a date night? Consider giving the catfish dishes at Catfish Haven Lake Bar & Grill a try. We specialize in our fresh and savory catfish meals that’ll be sure to have any date night starting off on the right foot.
We take great pride in creating all of our catfish dishes fresh daily and with the most complimentary ingredients. Our deep fried catfish has been satisfying our customers in Louisville, KY since 1955. No matter what your tastes are there’s never been a better place than our restaurant to leave feeling full and happy with the meal and your evening.

Bar and Grill

Are you looking for a relaxing atmosphere to come and enjoy and meal or drink with friends? Then look no further than the well-stocked bar and grill at Catfish Haven Lake Bar & Grill in Louisville, KY. From our casual and comfortable setting to our delicious food and drinks, we’ve got you covered.
Since 1955 we’ve been serving our hungry customers satisfying catfish meals and drinks from our bar that truly compliment the menu items. We take a lot of pride in being able to serve authentic, Southern-style cooking with the people in our community and have them leaving feeling happy and full every time.

Live Entertainment

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to dinner and show on your next night out? Then stop by Catfish Haven Lake Bar & Grill to dine on some of the freshest catfish meals in the area while enjoying our live entertainment. We’re always looking for the best way to entertain our customers and keep them coming back for more great food and entertainment.
Since 1955 our catfish meals have been satisfying the people of Louisville, KY with their flavorful and hearty servings. Our live entertainment varies from night to night and we love being able to provide not only a venue for some amazing entertainers, but also being able to truly give our customers live entertainment that is enjoyable.

Places to Fish

At Catfish Haven Lake Bar & Grill we take great pride in serving freshly caught catfish on a daily basis. However, did you know that our restaurant isn’t just the best place to eat in Louisville, KY but that it’s also one of the best places to fish? When you come to our bar and grill you know for a fact that your meal has been caught that day and we love being able to give our customers the chance to catch their own fish.
Since 1955 we’ve enjoyed getting to feed and entertain the hungry people in our community with our meals. From our variety of catfish dishes to choose from to our fully stocked bar, you know you’re in for a great time. Whether you’re looking for a place to eat or a place to fish, you don’t need to keep searching once you find us.


Are you looking for a new dinner location for you and your family? Then let the comfortable restaurant at Catfish Haven Lake Bar & Grill serve you a delicious and filling meal. Our menu of catfish dishes and sides will be sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters in your family.
We take a lot of pride serving the people of Louisville, KY since 1955 and being the best place to find Southern-style cooking for an affordable price. We make every dish with the freshest ingredients and best catch of the day as we cook the catfish we catch on our property.